Audio books and my current book obsession

I love to read. No matter what I am doing, no matter how busy I am, I usually have a book I am reading for relaxation. I love all kinds of stories and have diverse tastes. I have read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, the Secret Histories novels by Simon R. Green, the Throne of Glass Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and a number of Star Trek novels, my favorites being the New Frontier series by Peter David. As I started my doctoral program, my reading time vanished quickly and I was stressed not having that literary outlet. The solution came in an odd and very stressful way: my mother had a stroke.

For clarification, the stroke was a couple of years ago and she is fine now. While she was in the hospital and rehabilitation facility, I would drive from McKinney to Tyler to visit or stay with her. I was in the car for hours at a time and the radio was not getting the job done. A friend I had complained to about my lack of reading time suggested I purchase the audio track for the book I was reading and listen to it in the car. I thought it was a funny suggestion because who listens to books in the car? (A lot of people actually! I’m just slow to catch on apparently.) I decided to try it and found myself hooked. Since then, I have purchased a number of books with the accompanying audio track and never looked back. Now on my drive to work, which takes about 20-30 minutes depending on traffic, I am enjoying whatever new novel I have found. My current listening choice is Origin by Dan Brown. I highly recommend it so far.

This brings me to the crux of this posting: my current obsession. If you have not read the book, Ready Player One, your life is not yet complete. I saw a movie trailer for the book, not knowing it was a book yet, and text a friend to suggest he watch the trailer. He said he had seen it already and really enjoyed the book. I said, “There’s a book?!” He said it was excellent and since he has never steered me wrong before, I immediately went to Amazon and made my purchase. To say I have enjoyed the book would be an understatement. I suggest it to anyone who will listen. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, this is your book. If you did not, but enjoy hearing about those decades, still your book. I have already listened to it twice and will most likely listen to it again before I buy another book. If you want an excellent read, this is your book. Did you get that this is your book?

Ok, obsession rant ended.

P.S. If anyone knows Ernest Cline and can get me an autographed copy, I would love you        forever. (That’s a good thing, not a threat)

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