A4 Retest Groups

Your retest groups are up under a new page, I feel confident you’ll be able to find it. (I was very creative in naming it) The retest is ONLY AVAILABLE the days listed. If you have questions, please email me.

For those of you who still need to take your test, you will do so the days of the retest unless you set something up with me. Your groups will be different and your retest dates will be later. If you have any questions, email me.

Table 1 – http://linoit.com/groups/B3%20-%20AP%20Government/canvases/SoP%20-%20B3%20-%20Table%201

Table 2 – http://linoit.com/groups/B3%20-%20AP%20Government/canvases/SoP%20-%20B3%20-%20Table%202

Table 3 – http://linoit.com/groups/B3%20-%20AP%20Government/canvases/SoP%20-%20B3%20-%20Table%203

Table 4 – http://linoit.com/groups/B3%20-%20AP%20Government/canvases/SoP%20-%20B3%20-%20Table%204

Table 5 – http://linoit.com/groups/B3%20-%20AP%20Government/canvases/SoP%20-%20B3%20-%20Table%205

Table 6 – http://linoit.com/groups/B3%20-%20AP%20Government/canvases/SoP%20-%20B3%20-%20Table%206