I hope you all enjoy your day off!  For B day (which would have been today) we’ll do test corrections on Wednesday.  Tomorrow, both classes will go as scheduled which means a test for AP Econ.  Be ready!  If we are not at school tomorrow, we’ll deal with that then.  Have a great day!

Two things…

A2 – your test scores are in HAC

Everyone – read an article about ISIS most recent act of violence (the one about the Jordanian pilot) and be ready to discuss implications in class.  A day – Thursday, B day – Friday (since I won’t be in class tomorrow).  Please select a reputable source and understand it might be a little graphic.

Welcome 2nd Semester!

Hello to all of you!  To my returning students, welcome back!  To my new students, hello!  It’s going to be a great semester and I look forward to continuing working with you or getting to know you better and working with you.  See you in class!


Tutorials Change

Now that volleyball season is over, I’m changing my tutorial times.  Tutorials will now be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15-8:45.  If these don’t work for you, come see me and we can set up another time.


I will be absent tomorrow so I’m going to juggle some assignments.  If you have a device (laptop, tablet, etc) that you want to bring, tomorrow would be a good day.  I’m going to have you do some case research.  If you want to do it on your phones, that’s fine, but a laptop might be easier.

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