AP Reviews

Ok, here is the info for AP reviews. The online reviews will go active on Monday, you can find them under the relevant tabs. I will have reviews in D106 on Tuesdays (Economics) and Wednesdays (Government) from 8:15-8:45; come with questions you need clarified. There will be a district Government review on Saturday, May 9th from 9 am – 1 pm at the district administration building. (More info to come on that one)

If for any reason I have to change a tutorial date, I will post the change here, so make sure to stay on top of the dates.

If you have any other questions, just stop by and ask.

B3 – Project

Due to weather we never got to select the legislation you would do for your project.  Therefore, I’ll allow groups to pick which act they want, but you have to email it to me so I can approve it.  (That way no one doubles up.  Due date is still the Wednesday after spring break.)  As for your test, you will take it the Monday we come back.  Have a good spring break!

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