Super Hero Cases

For those of you wondering about the grading for the Super Hero cases, it works like this:

Rough draft = 25%

Final draft = 50%

Presentation = 25%

Many of you A day people have not submitted a rough draft to me.  You might want to as it is 25% of your grade.


Presentations will still go on Wednesday. Email me your briefs later today and I should have them back to you by tomorrow. Don’t forget your readings – ch. 5 and Federalist 78 for the quiz on Wednesday.

AP Classes

I know we have discussed a variety of times when it comes to the quizzes, so we are just going to hold to the schedule as shown on the calendar.  This shouldn’t negatively effect anyone as A days should be prepared and B day has time to prepare.  The project still stands as a replacement (A day will discuss it today)

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